About Us

ERSE is an innovative startup answering the growing call for environmentally-sustainable management of any infrastructural intervention with a possible environmental impact, as demanded either by international regulations and a wiser civil conscience. We apply our multidisciplinary skills in:

  • Land-use planning (Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Monitoring Plans),

  • management of protected areas and ecological networks (Action and Management Plans for flora, fauna, habitat, ecosystems),

  • (European) projects for ecological restoration and nature conservation.

ERSE is also committed in spreading the scientific culture through guided field trips, together with our biologists and ecologists. Namely, we have developed a series of CITIZEN SCIENCE initiatives), where actual on-field scientific labs are set up, and real scientific assays are experienced by everyone.

Enthusiasm, harmony, full commitment and a constant drive to improve our work represent the actual added value of our team.

The team

ERSE gathers high-end professionals in the fields of Biology and Natural Science: naturalists, marine biologists, fauna and flora technicians, experts about wetlands (lacustrine, fluvial and transitional), as well as environmental guides specialized in environmental education and interpretation.
Synergy is the key to our work. Our action is always characterized by a deep sharing and sensitivity towards issues of conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Filippo Ferrantini ERSE

Filippo Ferrantini – Biologist, PhD

Cofounder, CEO and Technical Committee member; marine biologist. Role: coordinator of the activities; overseer of quality standards and research methods; responsible for technical reports and customer relations. Operates as a certified Environmental Guide.

Olga Mastroianni ERSE

Olga Mastroianni

Cofounder and v-CEO; natural scientist. Expert in conservation issues and management of natural resources; in charge of European project management and related technical-administrative activities, call for tenders and business development.

Elena Cupisti ERSE

Elena Cupisti – Biologist, PhD

Cofounder and Board member, biologist. In charge of vegetation and wetlands monitoring and technical reporting; head of the administrative office. Operates as a certified Environmental Guide.

Giacomo Grasseschi ERSE

Giacomo Grasseschi – Biologist

Cofounder and T.C. member, biologist. Senior environmental expert for botanical assessment and habitat characterization; security manager, in charge of material & methods updating and checking of laboratory apparatuses.

Lisa Bonechi ERSE

Lisa Bonechi – Marine biologist

Cofounder and T.C. member, marine biologist. Divemaster and expert in underwater analysis, in charge of sea biomonitoring and laboratory analysis of the main marine biological indicators; advisor for sea conservation and marine management actions.


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